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      • SECURE-C?

        The SECURE-C? Cervical Artificial Disc is a motion-sparing technology designed as an alternative to fusion.

      • ViaCell™

        A Cohesive Cellular Allograft with Viable Cells. ViaCell™ is a cellular allograft containing viable cells...

      • MAGNIFY?

        The MAGNIFY? expandable ALIF spacer system is designed to minimize impaction, maximize indirect decompression, and...

      • ELSA?

        ELSA? is an expandable interbody fusion spacer with integrated fixation designed to maximize segmental lordosis...

      • KINEX?

        KINEX? Bioactive’s components are designed to recruit and signal osteoblasts, promote early vascular development and...

      • MONUMENT?

        MONUMENT? is a unique ALIF system with a built-in mechanical reduction feature that is designed...

      • SIGNIFY?

        SIGNIFY? Bioactive’s components are designed to recruit and signal osteoblasts that help promote bone formation.

      • ALTERA?

        ALTERA? is an articulating expandable TLIF spacer designed to maximize the potential for restoring lordosis...

      • CALIBER?-L

        CALIBER?-L is an expandable lateral lumbar fusion device designed to streamline insertion and optimize fit.

      • KINEX? PLUS Bioactive

        KINEX? Bioactive’s components are designed to recruit and signal osteoblasts, promote early vascular development and...

      • SI-LOK?

        The SI-LOK? Sacroiliac Fixation System is a comprehensive set of hydroxyapatite (HA) coated screws, cannulated...

      Globus Medical

      Globus Medical, Inc. is a leading musculoskeletal solutions company and is driving significant technological advancements across a complete suite of spinal products. Founded in 2003, Globus’ single-minded focus on advancing spinal surgery has made it the fastest growing company in the history of orthopedics. Globus is driven to utilize superior engineering and technology to achieve pain free, active lives for all patients with spinal disorders.

      Life Moves Us

      This passion, combined with Globus' world class engineering, transforms clinical insights into tangible spine care solutions. We are driven to provide the highest quality products to improve the techniques and outcomes of spine surgery so patients can resume their lives as quickly as possible.

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